Haircut gone wrong

   “Ok do NOT move, I repeat DO NOT MOVE!” I exclaimed while trying to keep my younger aggravating brother from wriggling around.

 “Well if you would just stop pulling my hair, maybe I would stop,” he huffed. I rolled my eyes at his whining and pulled another random piece of curly brown hair. “OWWWW,” he shrieked.

  “Sorry,” I said with a sly smirk.

  “Why do I feel like your enjoying this way more than you should be.” I gave him a devilish look in the round mirror that was facing us in the cramped bathroom and continued to prod the curly mop of hair on his miniature head. “Could you hurry up we don't have much time before mom’s home,” his voice panicking.

  “You need to chill out and not disturb my concentration a good hairdresser always takes her time,” I said proudly. He rolled his huge brown eyes at me and continued to glare at me through the mirror. Once I was satisfied with pulling his hair (on purpose) and examining the mess on his head, I clutched the scissors and started cutting away the unruly hair.

  “Are you sure you even know what you’re doing?” He said while watching more and more of his hair fall to the ground like leafs dancing in the fall winds.

  “Obviously I do, now shut up and pass me the clippers,” I said eagerly while holding out my hand. He looked at me with a suspicious look on his face before he finally passed me the clippers. “Okay you have to turn around in the chair, I don't want you to see the final look,” I said excitedly. I positioned him so he was looking away from the mirror and turned on the clippers. “Stop squirming, or the blades are going to cut your skull in half,” I exaggerated over the loud noise of the clippers. That was enough for him to shut up and stay still. After ten minutes of shaving off the extra hair left on his head, I was finally done. “Voila, I'm done!” I turned him around eagerly and waited for him to look at the masterpiece that I had created

  “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY HAIR?” He screamed so loud I swear the whole neighborhood heard him. I rolled my eyes at him and his dramatics.

  “Oh stop being such a drama queen, you look perfectly fine you should be thanking me instead of screaming at me,” I said while narrowing my eyes at him.


 “It’s not even that bad if you ask me, yeah sure there is some patches but you can barely notice them and besides I think I did a pretty good job for my first time,” I beamed proudly as I crossed my arms and gave him the “look.” He screamed and whined some more when all of a sudden his face lighted up and a mischievous smile replaced the frown that was there just mere seconds ago.

  “Why are you smiling at me like that, it is creepy,” I questioned him skeptically.

  “Oh nothing just that if you won't let me cut your hair, I’m going to tell mom you shaved my whole head,” he said while cackling like the wicked witch of the west.

  “WHAT! You wouldn't dare to,” my voice panicking.

  “Oh yes I would, now you either sit down on the chair or I can just go call mom right now and cry to her about how you “threatened” to beat me up if I didn't let you cut my hair,” he said while smirking like a maniac. I could either get in LOT’S of trouble from my mom or I can just let him cut a little bit of my long beautiful hair that I cherished more than anything. I decided that maybe the second option was safer as I sat down on the chair that my brother was previously occupying. He stood behind me with scissors in his hand and an evil look on his face. He looked like Dr.Evil, and I’m not joking you had to be there to see it. “Oh and I almost forgot you have to turn around in the chair, I don't want you to see the final look.” I rolled my eyes at him trying to be funny by quoting my exact words and turned around with a scoff.

  “ONLY A LITLE BIT,” I screamed at him while holding onto my long dark brown locks tightly.

  “Don't worry, you'll be thanking me after I'm done with your hair.” I stared at the dull cream colored wallpaper for the next few minutes as I listened to the snipping of the scissors and my brother snickering.

 “VOILA, here is MY masterpiece,” he said while he turned me around in the uncomfortable chair. Me being too petrified to look in the mirror; I had my eyes closed tight. Finally after mustering up the courage to look in the mirror, I opened my eyes slowly and looked at the disaster that was now hair.

 “AHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY HAIR OH MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR YOU HAVE COMPLETELY RUINED IT I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!” I shrieked at my brother while pulling the uneven pieces of my hair, some were long while some were short. “YOU BETTER RUN BECAUSE IF I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, YOU ARE GOING TO BE DEAD!” He ran as fast as his legs could take him. I chased him around the house like some crazy sociopath on the loose. We both stopped in our tracks when we heard a car pull up to the house. We turned toward each other and looked at each other with a crazed look on our faces and ran into my room.

  “Oh my god oh my god OH MY GOD we are so dead moms already home, she is going to kill us!” I said while looking in the mirror at our “masterpieces.” “Quick find a hat or something and put it on before she comes in HURRY!” We looked through the closet for hats or at least something to cover our heads and only came up with Santa hats.

  “Well this will have to do for now,” he said nervously.

  “Parvir! Manpreet! I'm home, where are you?” Our mom called from somewhere in the house.

  “Well I guess this is it then, bye to being able to see the sun ever again,” I exaggerated. We walked out of the room and slowly went and sat on the couch that was opposite from where our mom was sitting.

  “Why in the world are you two wearing Santa hats in the middle of July?” She questioned suspiciously.

  “Just getting in the spirit a few months earlier mommy,” I said cheerfully and put an overly fake smile on my face.

  “Uh huh,” She said while walking over and pulling off both of our hats. She looked at us for a second and then burst into laughter.

  “Why are you laughing? Why aren't you mad?” My brother said quietly.

  “Oh I am mad more than you know, but I'm also not surprised, I knew I would be coming home to this one day you guys just don't know how to stay out of trouble do you?” She said while a small smile grazed her face. She sat in between us and examined the mess that we had made. “Oh what am I going to do with you two?'

  “Does this mean we aren't grounded?” I said hopefully.

  “Oh don't even try to get out of that one,” She said while laughing. “Now lets go and try to fix this mess you guys have made,” She said while leading us back into the bathroom. And that was the day I learned that my dreams of being a hairdresser weren't going to ever workout and that I should never and I mean NEVER let my brother around my hair with scissors ever again.

Yes, I think schools do in fact kill creativity because when we are kids we have more imagination and creativity. When we start going to school we lose that because we are just so focused on getting a better mark, we don't bother to be creative and use our imagination. The fact that getting a degree nowadays does not guarantee you a job is absolutely ridiculous. When you put so much money and work into getting the education you need for a certain job, and you aren't guaranteed a job it is just a waste of time and lots of money. Also another issue that concerns me is that teachers who make us learn about stuff some of us aren't even remotely interested in. We should learn about stuff that is going to be useful for us after school. I also think we shouldn't be sorted in grades by our ages, some of us learn at different speeds than others. I suggest that we be put into groups with people that learn at the same speed as us than the same age. There are certain skills I need for my future in order to survive in the real world such as communicating effectively, learning how to pay my bills etc. Schools should provide and give you options to take classes that offer to teach you all these skills.

Hello, my name is Manpreet and I'm sixteen years old. I'm currently attending L.A Matheson Secondary and I am in grade eleven. I've lived in beautiful British Columbia my whole life and as much as I love it, I would love to move away one day. I would say that i'm a openminded and quiet person unless you know me very well. I like to keep to myself most of the time and would rather sit in my room holed up with an amazing book than interact with the world. I hate people who are ignorant and close minded. I'm a huge supporter of LGBT rights. I believe that everyone should be able to be together no matter what size, shape, race or gender they are, like Macklemore said "Gay rights are human rights; there is no separation." At home I live with my crazy but loving family of six, my grandpa, dad, mom, sister and my annoying younger brother. 

Reading is one of my passions. I can't even count the number of books i've read. Getting lost in a book has got to be one of the best feelings and finishing a great book has got to be bittersweet. Some of my favourite authors are J.K Rowling (Obviously), John Green, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sylvia Path, and Suzanne Collins. I don't think I can say I have a favourite book, it would probably be one of the hardest decisions I would have to make. There's too many! Another passion of mine is hockey. I'm a huge hockey fanatic. I love the sport because of the excitement, the hard hits and the dedication all the players put into every single game. My favourite team is the Vancouver Canucks (duh) and my favourite player is Patrick Kane.

English happens to be my favourite subject and I hope this year I learn and experience new things!