Yes, I think schools do in fact kill creativity because when we are kids we have more imagination and creativity. When we start going to school we lose that because we are just so focused on getting a better mark, we don't bother to be creative and use our imagination. The fact that getting a degree nowadays does not guarantee you a job is absolutely ridiculous. When you put so much money and work into getting the education you need for a certain job, and you aren't guaranteed a job it is just a waste of time and lots of money. Also another issue that concerns me is that teachers who make us learn about stuff some of us aren't even remotely interested in. We should learn about stuff that is going to be useful for us after school. I also think we shouldn't be sorted in grades by our ages, some of us learn at different speeds than others. I suggest that we be put into groups with people that learn at the same speed as us than the same age. There are certain skills I need for my future in order to survive in the real world such as communicating effectively, learning how to pay my bills etc. Schools should provide and give you options to take classes that offer to teach you all these skills.

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